DreamHost Coupon

Dream Host Coupon

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Depending on the time of year there may be several specials available that can save you money on your DreamHost order.  However, many of these sales and coupon codes are only good for a few days.

For a DreamHost coupon that always works and always saves you a ton of money we only recommend this one:


This gets you 50% off  a 1 year hosting package (a savings of  $60), and you don’t even need to wait for a sale to order!

Dreamhost and Its Many Faces and Features

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Dreamhost is all about getting your web pages to be secured. With the enhanced security features, you are actually paying for higher privacy of your account for a lesser cost. Although this is an optional mode, you can type in the mod_security Apache on any domain that you want to host with them. This security allows for your web page to have a full defense against the most common web attacks you could potentially face. For further information on this defense feature, visit modsecurity.org.

Another amazing thing about Dreamhost is WebDav, which is the acronym for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. This one is an open standard which gives you ways to edit and manage everything you need do on your files to collaborate with your friends. Current operating systems and popular applications have sprung up because of their embedded support for WebDav.

You can also create a Snapshot Data Backup with the product. Technically, their system does a “snapshot” backup of your data. This allows your entire file system to be remembered as it was made at that specific time. If there are any incidents when you accidentally delete a file that is important, try to contact support and they will recover the most recent version available. But, for better backups, they suggest that you maintain your own copy of your own web site at a remote location somewhere. No additional fees are charged for this backup.

Daily Access Statistic is another thing to watch out for in the Dreamhost area of capabilities. Every night the hosted log files are checked and they will even create various HTML site reports if needed. This site is secured and has the domain name of the server username, which can be accessed any time by venturing into the web panel.

Whenever you get onto a website that has an error log, you can continue to access these log files for 31 days from the web panel.  In order to save you some disk space, Dreamhost compresses them every now and then to a zip format, which you can later uncompress through winzip.

You can also have a banner-free Dreambook.com account, which is actually a guestbook that comes at no extra charge. It is a CGI script that gives your visitors a chance to write comments about your web site. It offers you as many books as you like and even gives you the ability to completely change the HTML look of your books.

It also has password directories like .htaccess, which are text files to command your web server to handle requests in the directory in a special way. Together with RealAudio and Video, you can link your Dreamhost with your .rm files for streaming to your customers who have RealPlayer already installed on their computers. This offers you the chance to showcase your own media to a variety of your customers who can view them.

Dreamhost has a lot of features and many faces that make your web hosting experience really exceptional.

Imagination Abounds With Dreamhost

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Are you wondering what Dreamhost can do for you?  Are you, by chance, thinking about adding Dreamhost web hosting to your internet experience?  Well, your ultimate internet experience is just a few clicks away with their comprehensive offerings.  The best part is that they only charge a minimal monthly fee.

Dreamhost web hosting is the epitome of programming.  There is a plethora of programming options available that will enhance your creativity exponentially.  Your programming blues will fly out the window when you consider all of the wonderfully customizable features they offer.

One of Dreamhost’s predominant features is that it can use the open source framework Ruby on Rails, which is used exclusively for the development of database-backed web applications.  It is an up and coming framework that uses convention over configuration as well as enabling easy to use coding features.  In effect, it is a Ruby development environment that allows real world applications to be developed with a minimum of configuration while using less code.

In addition, their framework makes use of all-inclusive CGI Scripts.  These are pre-written Common Gateway Interfaces for such things as Auto Responders, which gives you the ability to post fully-customizable automatic e-mail responses; unlimited announcement Lists, where visitors can subscribe to your mailing list through a simple HTML form; visitor counters, which is basically a “hit counter” program; Form-mail, which takes the results of a form submission in HTML and e-mails it to the address that you specify; and many more.

Dreamhost also gives you the capability of using SSIs, otherwise known as Server Side Includes.  Even the most novice programmer can utilize SSIs.  They give you the ability to parse outside data into a normal HTML file using .shtml extensions.  Examples of this are file update logs and the current time.

Another feature included with many Dreamhost packages is Concurrent Versioning Systems (CVS).  This allows you to track any and all changes or work that you have done in a set of files. CVS also allows for multiple developers to collaborate.  As an added bonus, they also include a new and improved version of CVS called a Subversion Repository (SVN), which has the same features of CVS but is easier to use.

There is an immense amount of updated, or future-proofed, applications absolutely free of charge.  As an example, they offer a comprehensive IPv6 address, which is an updated version of IPv4.  As the internet steadily moves away from IPv4, you’ll be ready.

With Dreamhost web hosting, you are able to purchase an SSL Certificate for a very nominal fee or you can import your own.  SSLs allow for encrypted transmission of sensitive data such as credit card information.

Dreamhost is the epitome of creativity right at your fingertips.  You will be able to utilize all of their customizable features, which will enable you to be extremely creative in your web hosting experience like never before.  Imagination is what this web host is all about.  It’s plethora of fully-customizable features will give you an advanced working knowledge of the development of your website.  In addition, Dreamhost has a comprehensive knowledge base, the likes of which you have never seen before.

The Link between Dreamhost and Programming

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The many aspects of Dreamhost are more than you can imagine. It allows you to have a good and reliable programming avenue. You might be asking what this programming takes on and how it can be utilized by Dreamhost in such a fashionable sense.

Programming, when it comes to computers, means that you can create designs, writings, testing, troubleshooting or debugging, and maintaining the source of coding possibilities for your programs. It is written in a system called programming language to show an existing but unique behavior or performance. This field of interest often needs the expertise and know-how in the respective fields of algorithms, logic and application domain. So how is programming handled by Dreamhost? Read on.

It includes a PHP5 Support. The said support is a system designed for creating interactive websites for you. This in turn interacts with MySQL database as a back-up. Being easier to learn and more reliable, it is similar to the workings of an ASP Windows except for its ability to be an open source.

This is not the only programming detail that Dreamhost can do. It also uses the support system called Perl which is tagged as the best and most prevalent language in writing CGI scripts used for superior text-parsing capabilities. You must know that their web panel, together with their back-end system, uses the Perl support which is beyond your every expectation.

Programming with Dreamhost has never been livelier with Python Support. If you are familiar with writing CGI scripts similar to PHP and Perl, then you’ll enjoy this feature which has a large audience of followers around the globe.

Another idea that comes with the product is Unix shell. As unique sounding as its name, it is an interface connected to the full-functioning Linux Operating System. Shell is a means to conquer programming especially if you envision yourself becoming an ultimate Webmaster.

The Unix program does not stop there. There is Crontab access, which makes you run a command even at recurring intervals. It can be used for whatever purposes you need, provided it does not violate the rules and does not cause overload of the servers. The use of these Cron jobs gives way for you to schedule important commands or shell scripts to run.

With Dreamhost, you have full access to Common Gateway Interface abilities. This makes your site acquire a programming attitude to it rather than being a memorabilia of static files. There are various CGI scripts that are already written and ready to use on the internet as long as they can be inputted from an HTTP request and output text that is understandable by your web browser.

The programming things that Dreamhost can do are really admirable. So what are you waiting for? Purchase the whole version now. With the flexibility and reliability, they are ready to give you a money-back guarantee for your purchase if you’re not satisfied with it. But knowing Dreamhost’s product, trust that you’ll enjoy the whole new experience of its programming capabilities.


With Dreamhost, D is for Domains

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Dreamhost is for domination of your readers. You get them hooked on your site which gives it a special name to help visitors find their way around the web. It is known that every computer using the internet has a unique address made with a complicated series of numbers. These are called IP addresses which are hard to remember. A DNS makes for easier internet access by allowing a familiar name made up of a series of letters called the domain name. The domain name becomes a mnemonic device that makes you remember these IP addresses.

Through Dreamhost you get a domain registration which comes absolutely free with the Dreamhost subscription price of $9.95. It is said that before you get to have a domain name, you must first register it on a domain registrar before it actually works on the internet. Such domain names need to be unique and something that nobody else has registered with. With Dreamhost you can transfer your domain registration from different alternative hosts without any extra costs as long as you stay the owner of your domain. Unlike other websites which pose ownership to your domain name upon registry.

Another feature that will suit you is the Domain WHOIS Privacy. You might be wondering what this is all about. The fact that a domain is registered also requires the contact information of the registrant to be made public through the WHOIS internet service. But don’t worry, the internet service makes it illegal to make this contact information public or used for any marketing purposes. With Dreamhost, you can use proxy contact information where all your e-mail messages can be directed without revealing your actual e-mail address publicly.

You can also get unlimited domains hosted. What does this mean? It is a must that there are two things you do in order to have an internet site that can remain always accessible on the internet. The first one is to register your domain and then the second is to host it some place on the web. Not being able to host it makes the site your own but will never be able to e-mail or display a website on the internet. Luckily with Dreamhost, at one click you get to do both, registration and hosting without much effort.

Dreamhost’s wonders do not stop there. You have unlimited sub-domain hosting.  Every domain hosting comes with various sub-domains hosted for free. Such sub-domains work like a main domain which allows for having its own content and e-mail address which you can customize through the web panel.

You also have Domains Forwarded/Mirrored which gives you an option to put up a coming soon page to your website, which will redirect visitors to a different URL or copy the makings of a site also hosted by us which is actually called mirroring content. In this feature, you absolutely get to choose your own way.

Custom DNS is another Dreamhost asset which you can creatively outdo yourself this time by changing the DNS settings through your web panel. This makes your domain able to be handled directly by your own office servers.

Dreamhost: Making Life Easier

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Dreamhost can make your life easier in communicating with the people you do business with. Why? It can get you to places where you can’t actually be there. What are they talking about? They are talking about the power of your hands to create electronic mails, or e-mails. E-mails are an important avenue of communication in this age of modernization. It is a system of sending and receiving messages electronically over various computer networks. In other words, it is a form of exchanging ideas and digital messages via the internet from a single author to two or more recipients.

By choosing the e-mail feature with your Dreamhost product, you can find the following avenues.

  1. Looking for the IMAP / POP / SMTP Access which allows you to have a direct outgoing mail server in order to be able to send e-mails to your customers? Having a small mailbox functioning with us, you can create more outgoing e-mails.
  2. This is one of the good things that few like Dreamhost can afford. It’s the Web-Based E-mail Access where you can get through a web interface that links to your mailboxes. The said system allows you to save items in your box which have been saved on the server but have not been downloaded on your own computer. Certain additional features like spell check, support attachment and support for multiple languages can be used to customize it.
  3. Mail Filtering is another characteristic that will suit your e-mailing needs. It is the process by which your mailbox has the ability to organize your mails into specific criteria.
  4. Another option is Spam Filtering using SpamAssassin. Spam filtering is the fact that when an unsolicited e-mail is conveyed, it identifies spam messages or messages that are harmful to your computer thereby preventing them from getting to the inbox, often detected through specific word patterns. On the other hand, Spam Assassin is just one filtering system which can do wonders in cleaning your inbox although it is not considered to be a perfect system.
  5. You also use Google Gmail @yourdomain.com which means that you can access your domain through the most widely used search engine ever available on the web. You use a free, unlimited forwarding, labeling and search mechanism that is fast and reliable.
  6. Your E-mail addresses, even though containing aliases, can be detected with unlimited power. You can have all e-mail addresses configured to directly go to your Dreamhost mailbox and then forwarded to another e-mail address. By this, you can get creative in choosing which e-mails should come in and out without any hassles.
  7. Another perk is that you get unlimited Announcement Lists which means that you get to have e-mail lists which can direct visitors to an HTML format on your own site, which gives you the ability to automatically send newsletters and the sort to all subscribers.
  8. You also get Unlimited Discussion Lists where you’ll find groups e-mailing each other through a single e-mail address. Lastly, you have unlimited Vacation Auto-Responders which allows you to turn on an automatic response e-mail for every e-mail you host with Dreamhost.

Hosting your Dreams with Dreamhost

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Dreamhost is figuratively hosting your dreams. Why do they say that and how does Dreamhost become an avenue towards your dreams? First and foremost, it is a web hosting site that has made its mark on the world for 12 years. Web hosting is a type of service which allows internet servers to provide enough space for the storage all of the sites on the World Wide Web which can be accessed only through an organized network. This service does not come free but must be paid every month or yearly in advance. Usually, the payments should be made within 7 days from the date or before the first of the month.

Dreamhost is priced at $8.95 a month. Actually, it’s the cheapest or if not, one of the cheapest web hosting facilities ever. Although, if you can find Bluehost coupons you can potentially get the same services for cheaper. What is included in the service are the following.

  1. It gives an unlimited disk storage capacity allocated to various web hosting needs which offers a sum of all sizes of the web sites you venture into, your e-mail and database for that matter.
  2. It also allows a monthly bandwidth of unlimited power. Such is concerned with the fact that every time a visitor is directed to your web site and downloads some files, you will undergo a process of transferring bandwidth. Those that are transferred are counted based on anonymous FTP downloads which allows for the fastest time possible to connect with the web.
  3. They also afford you with a chance to use your own domain hosting which is accessible on the internet every time. You just have to register it and have it hosted with Dreamhost. The product also gives you unlimited Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP users in order to view statistical data of your site.
  4. Unlimited e-mail accounts (POP / IMAP / Webmail) can be guaranteed by having every piece of mail to go directly onto the server. Multiple e-mails can get onto your domain in a click.
  5. It comes with MySQL 5 databases which is responsible for an open source of structured query language that goes in a flash but with reliable capability. It opens a number of unlimited databases and IP addresses with no limits on the usage.
  6. It uses an operating system called Debian Linux which is an open source distribution under the wings of a volunteer organization rather than a company. It is known as the most effective software packaging solution with the highest performance and stability among all Linux Operating Systems imaginable.

It also has a lot of additional features you can find as you go through the joys of joining the Dreamhost web hosting facility. You can host as many domains as you want to. They offer an all day and all week long technical support. They have WordPress optimized for your subtle needs. If you’re not clearly satisfied with the service, they give you a money-back guarantee, meaning you can cancel your subscription with them at anytime.

Sharing the Success Story of Dreamhost

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Web Hosting is what Dreamhost is all about. It is done by creating your own domain and then hosting it with us. These are two things that need to be done before you conquer the internet.

Another feature to discover is virtual private server hosting that keeps your feet on track without compromising features for utility. It is a totally immediate and powerful web-based experience. We also specialize in dedicated hosting. This hosting type involves a dedicated server which is actually a physical server that can be accessed only by one customer. With this type of hosting, you can utilize the functions of the CPU and RAM resources. Unlike VPS, the CPU does not undergo multiple hosting by customers. Generally ideal for businesses, it is offered at $99.00 dollars a month.

Another thought about Dreamhost is server collocation. With that service, you can place your servers at an environment which is more conducive to adapting to better conditions, thereby preventing wear and tear. Dreamhost now offers collocation services to the Los Angeles area, where servers are backed up by generators and fire suppression as well as cooling systems is given. The server location facility can endure an 8.3 magnitude of earthquake.

The web hosting panel is another feature that Dreamhost boasts of. Being totally unique, you won’t find it with any other hosting company. You can get to your billing information, customize your MySQL database, make your account, control the database, create e-mail aliases and much more that you can think of. You can access support and other information by using this simple yet functional feature.


Dreamhost understands that non-profit organizations have dedicated themselves towards the greater good. This is all done without expecting anything in return. So they are recognizing this noble effort and giving non-profits a cost-free web hosting scheme. However, the domains of non-profit hosts must involve only 1 domain and must be listed in the United States.

Dreamhost also gives you the perk of using Google Adwords. It’s an advertisement type that runs along with Google, which is the number one search engine at this time. They allow customers to find the products and services they are searching for instantly while they browse through the internet.

AdWords make it easier to reach a new audience at the moment browsers specify their interests in it. It also targets only those within your geographical location. You can even know whether your capital invested is working. You can customize campaigns and ads as swiftly as you want them to.

Also, the one-click installer allows you to install and upgrade effortlessly. Applications like calendar, WordPress, photo galleries and eCommerce will surely benefit you. In e-commerce you grow your store online without any restrictions.

With all that being said think of Dreamhost because it opens many opportunities that can make your career jumpstart online. From being a web hosting facility to e-commerce, it proves to be the venue for the number one web hosting plans ever. When you join Dreamhost, you are sharing our success story.